Most modern apartment buildings have their swimming pools, and some even with own tennis and squash courts, but there are quite a number of sports clubs that one can join in the city. Walking, jogging, roller skating and cycling on the beautifully landscaped and well secured & maintained Cinta Costera (which has got proper designated jogging and cycling tracks extending many kilometers) has become quite popular early morning and in the evening.

Spanish, with 93% of people in Panama speaking it as their first language. However, many people are bilingual, i.e. they speak Spanish and English (only 8%!!), French (4%), Arabic (1%) or an indigenous languageCycling is a sport that is growing in popularity and something no sane person should endeavor on the road, considering the way Panamanians drive! Gyms abound and there is no shortage of golf courses either.

In the immediate vicinity of the city there’s the Tucan golf course on the Canal, the Summit course by the Radisson Hotel in Soberania Park, the Panama Club in Brisas del Golf and the new Santa Maria course in Costa del Este. On the Pacific coast there are a number of courses, some forming part of resort hotels: Coronado, Vista Mar, Decameron, Blaya Blanca and Buenaventura.

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